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February 1st, 2023

Important Notice Regarding Backflow Testing

Dear Homeowners,

The Association has coordinated with a technician again this year, Jason Perry of Backflows of Central Florida, Inc. He will perform the test for only $30.00 a device under the condition that a minimum of 20 homeowners sign up. **Please note the standard test has been known to run upwards of $100 from other service providers.

If you would like to be included on the list for this special rate, we must receive your check on or before February 25th, 2023. Your check must be made out to Longwood Plantation HOA with backflow testing in the memo section in the amount of $30.00. If at least 20 homeowners do not sign up, your check will be returned to you and you will be required to find a company to test your backflow device.

The City of Longwood is aware of our arrangement and will delay sending notices to allow time for the testing to be completed. Backflows of Central Florida, Inc., will file the test results with the City of Longwood upon completion. You do not need to contact them to explain that we are assisting all of our homeowners, they have been notified.

Please keep in mind this cost is for the test only. If any repairs are needed it will be your responsibility. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 407-788-6700 ext. 51306 or via email at


John Quinn

For: Longwood Plantation Homeowners Association, Inc.

Sentry Management, Inc.

2180 West SR 434

Longwood, FL. 32779-5044

Office: (407) 788-6700 ext. 51306


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