Homeowner Info

HOA Alteration Application:

If you are going to be doing any repairs or changes to the outside of your house (even painting it the same color!), you must submit a HOA Alteration Application. The application MUST be submitted to the HOA Management Company(Sentry Management).

HOA By-Laws:

The HOA By-Laws are located here. They are here for the homeowner’s convenience. If you need help understanding any part of them, please contact Sentry Management. This document requires Adobe Acrobat reader. Please visit Adobe’s web site for information on how to obtain the reader for free at http://www.adobe.com.

Pet Issues:

We are urging all residents with pets to be considerate of your neighbors. We have recently seen a rise in pet complaints in our neighborhood. Complaints range from animals roaming loose, to dog droppings left in front of residences and walkways.

City ordinances pertaining to animals are in place that makes most of these practices illegal. section 20-17 of the Longwood City Code bans owners from allowing animals to roam free throughout the neighborhood. Section 20-18 makes it illegal for animal owners to “permit, either willfully or through failure to exercise due care and control, any animal to soil, defile, urinate or defecate on any private or public property, other that that of the owner, without expressed or implied consent.” In addition, this practice is in violation of our HOA Covenants, Article X Section 4.

Violators will be handled accordingly, either by the City Code enforcement officers or by the HOA board via violation notices. These notices will be sent to chronic violators.

Some homes have installed video surveillance and will provide proof of the violations. Some residents have also inquired to the city about issuing trespass warnings on their property if needed.

In summary, Longwood Plantation Residents with pets, please maintain them on a leash. Please carry a bag and pickup after your pets. Be considerate and don’t allow your pets in front or side lawns of other homeowner residences. Keep pets out of the Tot-Lot area. Use of other Common Areas may be allowed, as long as owners properly curb their pets. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.


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