New Neighbor Info

We would like to welcome our new neighbors to our great neighborhood. We strive to keep a community where our families and children can grow in safety and peace. Please check out our entire site for all the information that you and your family may need. Cooperation by all, strengthens community bonds and creates friendships that last a lifetime. Welcome all that pass through our paths with the best interest of our community and their family!

Utility Information:

Electricity – Provided by Duke Energy (formally Progress Energy) 

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Water – Provided by City of Longwood.

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Garbage – Provided by City of Longwood. Garbage days are Monday and Thursday (typically in the early afternoon), Yard Waste is on Wednesdays and Recycling is on Mondays. If you require a new garbage can or recycling bin (or do not have one), please call the City of Longwood and one will be provided. Per HOA, your garbage can cannot be left out in plain view. Please store your garbage can appropriately. Thank you! Telephone (standard landline) – Provided by Century Link.

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Cable – Provided by Spectrum.

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HOA Information shared via this website, Facebook and emailing of newsletters. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our HOA management company below. If you are looking at purchasing a home in our community and have questions, please feel free to contact our HOA!

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